Burial At Sea

Burial at sea services can be performed aboard the New Jersey Party Boat located at:

300 Bay Ave.
Corner of 3rd and Bay
Ocean City, NJ

We can also do pickups/departures in Atlantic City. 

Burial At SeaIn the United States, ashes have to be scattered at least 3 miles off shore. Once we reach this destination, a memorial service can be held and biodegradable materials, such as flowers or wreaths, can be scattered with the ashes.

If you want music at the service, please bring your choices with you. We can accomodate up to 100 passengers. Please Contact Us to make arrangements for a Burial at Sea.

We will provide a Burial at Sea certificate with the Name and coordinates of the burial site.

Sea ceremonies are run at dawn [6a-8a] and dusk [6:30p - 8:30p] when the seas are typically calm. Other times may be available depending on the day. We depart from our dock at the Ocean City Fishing Center 300 Bay Ave, Ocean City, Nj 08226. The boat heads to our required 3 mile nautical line taking view of the landscapes of Sea Isle City, Strathmere, Ocean City, Margate, Longport, Ventor and World Famous Atlantic City. Depending on the weather conditions of your cruise, we can often take into considerations concentrating on one particular area that might be especially loved by your party. Once at the 3 mile line, and your party's chosen view, the boat will anchor up directly into the wind and your party will gather in the stern of the vessel out of the wind and elements. We shut down the main engines and you can start the memorial in the serene Atlantic. Bio-degradeable urns and flower arrangements can be placed in the water or you can choose to scatter the ashes. At all times, your party can listen to a particular CD or iPod playlist for the duration of the cruise or specifically for the memorial. We also have a remote microphone to speak over our PA system should anyone like to use it. Once your group has finished the ceremony, the vessel will fire its engines, pull anchor, make a leeward pass of the ceremony site's GPS coordinates for one final farewell and continue to our home port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a private service?
Yes, other than the Captain and the deckhand, it is completely private.

How many people may be seated comfortably?
We can take up to 100 people. There is all around bench seating outside and the inside cabin has booth seating for up to 20 or so comfortably.

Who performs the actual ash scattering?
Commonly the surviving spouse or closest family member/head of household will place the burial at sea urn in the water; you may provide your own bio-degradable urn or scatter the ashes.

Will I get seasick?
We intentionally try to schedule a SeaCeremony memorial service at daybreak or at dusk because sea conditions are usually calmer. If you are unsure if you get seasick, even extremely calm conditions can make some sick if they are not used to being on the water so it is best to take a Dramamine or Bonine. We do sell them in our store.

Is it possible for physically impaired people to access the dock?
We assist all passengers on and off the boat. It does require the ability to climb a few stairs up and a few stairs down into the boat. There is also space to bring a wheelchair on board.

Can we arrange for food and/or drinks aboard?
A standard memorial service usually takes 2 hours - roughly 45 min ride each way plus the ceremony. You are more than welcome to bring food and drinks on board if you'd like. There are plenty of places close by that will deliver as well.

How should I dress?
Comfortable flat shoes are a must. No high heels. Dress warmly and in layers, depending on the season.

Is there a bathroom on board?
Yes, there are 2 separate accommodation bathrooms.

What is required to make a reservation?
We do have a contract we will send you and a deposit is needed to book a date. We accept Visa/Mastercard, check or money order.

What are the directions to your boat?
We are located directly on the corner of 3rd & Bay Ave, 300 Bay Ave, Ocean City NJ 08226. Close to the Expressway and minutes off the Garden State Parkway Exit 30.

Is there parking close to the vessel?
Yes, there is free street parking.

Are there any additional hidden expenses?
No, the cruise is a flat rate and gratuity for the crew is optional.